Today’s Prayer:

Father, I am thankful that you are helping humanity in becoming aware of what they were made for and continually providing the encouragement and passion for and of it to sustain us and the world we live in until we are ready to enter the new world.

I thank you for directing our steps exactly, removing all obstacles, both internal and external that would block us from being exactly as we are intended to be.

Father, thank you for your favor that is in an abundance of continual overflow in our lives, washing away all negative emotions to make room for all forms of healing to all relationships and allowing harmony in all of its forms in prevailing reign of them.

I thank you for the newness of life springing up in and through all forms of enrichments that you provide: the warmth of love, grace, mercy and the readiness we are endowed with to lavish it upon our fellow beings, bringing with it fresh joy with deep healings in all of their forms. Eradicating all negativity that plagues every individual, whether it be physical, spiritual or emotional of all past memories and revealing in a unique way that you Father are always with us.

I am thankful,that you are lifting and clearing out what holds us back, pouring out your joy and peace upon us at all times. That we are always, in all ways feeling, seeing and in a knowing in a manner that affirms your presence at all times always, in all ways touching our hearts.

I am thankful that always, in all ways that you are shielding us from all forms of dangers both internal and external, accomplishing in fullness the journey’s that we were prepared for in a complete sense of satisfaction.

I thank you for keeping all hearts in repair at all times and keeping us in continual knowledge that everyone and everything you’ve created has great value in accordance to your divine will. All creation has equal value and positional purpose according to your divine intentions.

I am thankful that you are keeping your creation in a state of mindful thankfulness in every moment. That we are beings that have the ability to “Be Still and Know Your Peace”. That you are always, in all ways sending others to help or guide us along our journey’s completion in great successes.

I thank you Father, that you make us aware in full recognition of those who are a deviation to our journey’s successfulness. That you’ve empowered us to let them go in all forms of forgiveness’s for our own sake and become a blessing to each other. So be it, It is SO, in and through Christ’s Love Function as it is thought, written or spoken.

© Raylene Grace (Bishop) Montalvo 4/7/2013