Dear Blessed Lord Jesus, good morning. I love You, thank You, praise You and give You all the honor and glory for this new day. I thank You that You came to save the sinner. Even the pharisee’s that hated you for loving the sinner, the ones who took you to the cross. Matthew 12:14. Right now You have made known to all of Your children this same good news. “Christ the Savior was born!” Turn to Him. Be born again. He was as much the Savior of the world in that manger as He was on that cross. The entire purpose of His coming was to save people like you and I from our sins and the punishment of sinners. Forgive me Father God and those who can not forgive others. Today bring Your glory on earth to shine bright. Guide those who need to stop dragging others down and around on a leash when they can walk on a path on their own. You have provided for them alone. Let them live in the Salvation and freedom You have for them. {God is an honest judge. He is angry with the wicked every day. If a person does not repent, God will sharpen his sword; he will bend and string his bow. He will prepare his deadly weapons and shoot his flaming arrows. The wicked conceive evil; they are pregnant with trouble and give birth to lies. They dig a deep pit to trap others, then fall into it themselves. The trouble they make for others backfires on them. The violence they plan falls on their own heads. I will thank the LORD because he is just; I will sing praise to the name of the LORD Most High. Psalm 27:11-17} Bring Salvation!! I thank You, praise You and give You all the glory in Jesus Precious Name. Amen! Hallelujah!!